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Clinical Research Facilities

Our clinical research facilities at Avail are state-of-the-art and well-equipped to conduct our wide array of studies for new drugs and treatments. We have many areas of expertise and profound experience in conducting clinical trials. We welcome you to browse through the various aspects of our research facilities and wide range of capabilities as industry leaders in the field.

Areas of Expertise: Learn more about our many areas of expertise that range from clinical studies for acne to those for infectious diseases.

Areas Served: See a full list of the Florida locations served by Avail Clinical Research

Contract Research Organizations: Learn more about some of the many contract research organizations that Avail has worked with since beginning in 1998.

Institutional Review Boards: Take time to see the many institutional review boards that monitor and review our research.

Our Medical Staff: Learn more about our staff who provide a wide range of services and skills for managing the clinical trial process. Meet our physicians!

Pharmaceutical Sponsors: Browse the wide range of pharmaceutical sponsors with which Avail works.

Phase I Capabilities: Gain a better understanding of our Phase I capabilities at Avail.

Phase II-IV Capabilities: Discover more about our Phase II-IV capabilities within our facility.

Patient Demographics: Find out why we are renowned for our highly diverse patient demographics.

Patient Recruiting Expertise: Find out why Avail is the expert at recruiting eligible participants and patients for clinical studies.

Patient Retention Strategy: Learn more about the proven strategy we have spent considerable time and funding developing over the years.

Rapid Start-Up: Learn about our ability for rapid start-up clinical research trials.

Site Overview: Take a virtual tour of our expansive, state-of-the-art clinical research facility.

Vaccine Capabilities: Avail has the capabilities to conduct multiple complex vaccine clinical trials simultaneously.

World-Class Data Collection: Discover Avail’s capabilities for world-class data collection.

Lodging & Transportation: Here some helpful resources for first-time visitors in DeLand, FL.