New Methods of Detection for Parkinson’s

Nurse talks about Parkinson's treatments with older gentleman

Parkinson’s disease affects up to a million Americans, and doctors diagnose 60,000 new cases each year. It is the second most common neurodegenerative disease (after Alzheimer’s). Unfortunately it’s a tough disease to diagnose early, since symptoms can take years to make themselves known. Eventually people with Parkinson’s disease experience a decreasing ability […]

5 Essential Parenthood Tips for Spoonies

Mom with an invisible illness holds her baby

Most parents would describe having kids as an incredible part of life, but certainly not an easy one. Parenting can be hard on everyone at times, and adding in an invisible illness (such as fibromyalgia, lupus, lyme disease, or many others) can cause any parenting challenge to be exponentially amplified. […]

Boxing for Parkinson’s Disease? It Works!

Boxing class for Parkinson's disease patients in Florida

If you are one of the over 1 million Americans with Parkinson’s disease (or are close to one of them!), you may have heard of boxing as a way to reduce, slow, and even reverse symptoms. When we think of exercises for people with serious illnesses, we probably think of […]

Join Us for a Parkinson’s Disease Community Event

Man learns more about Parkinson's Disease at Avail Clinical Research

What are you doing on May 24th? If you’re free any time from 2:00-6:00 pm, we’d like to extend an invite to our first ever Parkinson’s Disease Community Event!   The event will be on site here at our clinic, so if you’re reading this and live in DeLand (or the greater Orlando […]

Should Your Child Participate in a Pediatric Clinical Trial?

Nurse explains a pediatric clinical trial to mom and daughter

The purpose of a clinical trial is to test the safety and efficacy of new treatments on people. Though it’s universally well-understood that clinical research is essential to the advancement of medicine, many parents remain wary of placing their child in a clinical trial. This is understandable, since it’s a […]

Why Migraines Are So Much Worse than Headaches

Woman suffering from a migraine headache at work

Headaches and migraines are often lumped into the same category– by people who’ve never suffered a migraine, that is! The fact of the matter is that they are actually very different, both in terms of the average pain levels and by medical definition. A headache is an unpleasant pain in […]

8 Research Backed Ways to Improve Your Sleep in a Week

Person struggling to sleep with the light on

Raise your hand if you wish you slept better! Whether you tend to feel zombie-ish in the mornings, suffer from “that 2:30 feeling” all too often, or wish you didn’t wake up throughout the night, these research-backed tips can help improve your quality of sleep–and life.   Daytime Tips Tip […]

9 Menopause & Hot Flash Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Woman's hot flash symptoms aren't worse in the heat

What do you think or feel when you hear the word menopause? If you’re like many women, the idea of this life phase can bring about mixed feelings, from dread to fear to some more positive thoughts about no longer having a monthly period. While there’s no reason to stress about this […]

The Ultimate Shampoo Guide for Scalp Psoriasis

Man uses salicylic acid shampoo for scalp psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin disease that occurs when your immune system sends flawed signals to your skin cells, telling them to mature and reproduce too quickly. But if you’re living with scalp psoriasis, then you already know this. You’ve probably tried your fair share of different treatments and shampoos for your […]

15 Weird, Scary & Amazing Facts About Your Heart

Child makes picture for American Heart Month

February is the month dedicated to hearts… and no, we don’t just mean the ones on your Valentine’s Day card! It’s also National Heart Month, a time dedicated to spreading education, awareness, and even some fun facts. Here are 15 interesting bits of information you may not know about your body’s […]

Struggling With Urge Incontinence? 12 Reasons This Could Be Happening

Woman is struggling with the urge to use the bathroom

Do you struggle with a constant need to go to the bathroom or find yourself unable to hold it in if your can’t reach the bathroom quick enough? These could be signs of overactive bladder (OAB), also known as urge incontinence.   This is a common condition, especially in women, […]

Psoriasis: A Clinical Look at the 7 Different Types

Man has developed plaque psoriasis on his elbow

Psoriasis is a type of autoimmune disease that typically affects the skin and is very common. In fact, it is the most common autoimmune disease in the United States. People who suffer from psoriasis tend to suffer from sensations of burning, itching and soreness on the skin, as well as […]

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