How to Deal with Hot Flashes at Home and Work

Woman consults physician about managing her hot flashes

Whether you are at home or at work, hot flashes are never a comfortable thing to deal with. Unfortunately, they are something most women must face inevitably as they move into the perimenopause and menopause stages of life. However, that does not mean you have to suffer through your hot […]

Why Too Much “Good Cholesterol” may be a Bad Thing

physician holding a sign reading "cholesterol" to raise awareness about good cholesterol and bad cholesterol

For years it has been believed that having higher levels of “good cholesterol” helps lower your risk of heart attacks, strokes and heart disease. However, according to findings from a new study conducted by researchers from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and Veterans Affairs St. Louis Health […]

Should Low Testosterone be Treated with Hormone Therapy?

Man with low testosterone discusses hormone therapy treatment with his doctor

Menopause is a natural phenomenon that marks the end of menstruation and typically occurs one year after a woman’s last cycle. The average age of menopause onset is 51 for American females. After menopause, women can still maintain a healthy physical and sexual drive. However, the physical and emotional symptoms of […]

Zika Vaccines Moving to Phase I Clinical Trials Soon

physician draws zika vaccine from vile to use in clinical trials

As the fear over the Zika virus continues to build among Floridians, the need for a Zika vaccine is ever more apparent. Fortunately, new Zika vaccines are moving into human testing. With the beginning of phase I clinical trials on these vaccines comes hope for a possible solution to this […]

Why is there Informed Consent in Clinical Trials?

participant signs an informed consent form for a clinical trial in Deland florida

If you are thinking about enrolling in a clinical trial, an important part of the process is reading and signing an informed consent form. However, you might be wondering what is informed consent and why is it important?   Many people believe informed consent is as simple as getting the […]

Should You Enroll in a COPD Clinical Trial?

Woman talks to her doctor about COPD clinical trials

Are you living with COPD? Considering taking part in a COPD clinical trial? If so, how do you know if this is the right thing for you to do? This is a question that our principal investigators are asked often. That’s where the idea for this post came from. If […]

How to Recognize the Signs of Juvenile Arthritis

kid with juvenile arthritis walking in the woods

Did you know July is Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month? It is a common myth about arthritis that it only affects older adults, but this is actually not true. Unfortunately, many children in the US have been diagnosed with juvenile arthritis. Almost 300,000 kids are living with the debilitating effects of […]

Accel Research Appoints Melanie VanDemark as Vice President of Medical Affairs

Woman holding up a business card for Dr. Melanie VanDemark

Today, we have announced the appointment of Melanie VanDemark, M.D., FAAFP as Vice President of Medical Affairs. In this role, Dr. VanDemark will provide medical guidance for all of Accel’s research centers. Each of our sites specializes in conducting Phase I-IV clinical trials to assess the safety and efficacy of promising investigational […]

Does Your Child Need a Tdap Booster?

child receives a Tdap booster shot

The Tdap booster is an important vaccine for preteens and teens. It is a combination vaccine used to protect against tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis (whooping cough). Although most young children and babies are given the Dtap to fortify them against the same three conditions, the protection from the Dtap vaccine […]

June is Men’s Health Month!

Man wearing blue backpack and hiking in honor of men's health month

Time to break out the blue, because June is Men’s Health Month! Started in 1994, Men’s Health Month was created to raise awareness about men’s health issues and get men around the world to start living a healthier lifestyle. There are many health issues afflicting men today from obesity to prostate cancer. […]

GERD: How Do You Find Your Triggers?

what triggers heartburn in patients with GERD?

If you have gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), you know debilitating the symptoms can be. But what triggers your worse symptoms? Veterans may already have a good idea of what foods trigger heartburn and other issues. If you’re newly diagnosed, this post can help you identify your GERD triggers.   For those who suffer from GERD […]

Lactose Intolerance or Crohn’s Disease: What is the Difference?

Milk used during lactose intolerance clinical studies in Florida

Are you suffering from lactose intolerance or Crohn’s disease? How can you tell the difference? Both conditions can have similar symptoms and even doctors may confuse symptoms of Crohn’s disease for symptoms of the more common lactose intolerance. Although both Crohn’s disease and lactose intolerance cause intestinal issues, Crohn’s disease is actually a much […]

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