Phase II-IV Capabilities

Our Phase II-IV research capabilities at our Avail facility are unmatched. The Phase II-IV clinical studies we conduct focus on quality research as well as patient security and protection. Likewise, our facility’s technologies are only matched by its inviting and comforting atmosphere.

Our Phase II-IV research capabilities are centered in the unit adjoining our Phase I facility. This adjoining Phase II-IV clinical research unit is comprised of seven fully-equipped exam rooms, including a spirometry suite, full x-ray facilities, locked drug storage room, dedicated book room, 10 coordinator offices, six monitoring areas with telephone and fax/modem lines, physician charting area, quality assurance, dedicated regulatory team, recruiting and community outreach offices, business office and reception area. Our comfortable patient waiting room is not only a means of entertainment but also allows us to show educational and informative programs for our patients.

Our CLIA accredited laboratory includes a -70° freezer, refrigerated centrifuge, locked refrigerated drug storage space, as well as four drawing stations and ample processing area. The x-ray suite is equipped with radiographic equipment as well as a processing room and reading area. And finally, our comfortable kitchen/break room is a great place for our staff and monitors alike to get together and relax. We pride ourselves on our Phase II-IV research capabilities and our state-of-the-art Phase II-IV clinical research facility.

Recruiting Call Center

Accel’s bilingual Recruiting Call Center is dedicated to providing a warm introduction to our sites while ensuring consistent and efficient protocol review. Leveraging a dynamic and growing database of over 78,000 patients, the recruiting team complements our innovative media marketing efforts with outbound calls to interested patients.

Rapid Start-Up

Speed to market is more important than ever in the drug development process. Our study teams and dedicated budgeting, contracting, and regulatory professionals provide the ability to rapidly contract, obtain IRB approvals, and launch new trials, typically within a matter of days.


Each site’s regulatory team works with central and local IRBs to obtain timely trial approvals. Our QA teams closely monitor all activity to ensure that our sites are in compliance with internal and protocol SOPs and regulations.

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