Close up shot of choleraCholera is a very serious bacterial disease caused by a germ called Vibrio cholerae, and it is spread through contaminated water. Cholera can cause chronic cases of diarrhea and severe dehydration. This disease has become extremely rare in the United States, but we are still looking for better ways to prevent contamination. By conducting clinical trials on cholera, we can gain a better understanding of how this rare illness works and what populations could be most at risk. If you are experiencing the symptoms of cholera, then you should seek immediate medical treatment for this disease.

Due to modern water treatment and sewage capabilities, the incidence of cholera has reduced drastically in most industrialized countries around the world. In fact, the last serious outbreak of cholera in the United States occurred just over a century ago. However, the threat of cholera is still significant in certain areas of Latin America, Asia, India, Africa, and the Middle East. For people who are planning on visiting these locations, this is a risk that they should remember while on their travels.

If you do contract cholera, it can be treated easily enough. However, this disease can become fatal within a few hours, even in people who were otherwise perfectly healthy. The cholera vaccine can help protect against contracting this disease, but one must still take steps to protect oneself while traveling in cholera-infected areas of the world. Through ongoing vaccine clinical trials, we are seeking to develop a more effective version of the cholera vaccine.

Before choosing to get vaccinated for cholera or any other disease, it is important to first weigh the positives and negatives. There are a number of factors which can play a role in this decision. First off, if you have ever had an allergic reaction to similar medicines, this may not be the right decision. You’ll also want to discuss any medications you may be taking with your doctor, as these may not interact well with the vaccination. Finally, your doctor may not recommend this vaccine for people who are living with certain underlying medical conditions.

The cholera vaccine clinical trials taking place in Florida are helping to develop better vaccinations, which are being developed by pharmaceutical and biotechnical companies. They are designed specifically to test the safety and efficacy of experimental treatments when it comes to humans. If you choose to volunteer for our fully supervised cholera vaccine clinical study, you will be helping leading clinical investigators develop better ways to combat such a rare but serious illness.

The type of study being performed by Avail Clinical Research directly reflects your involvement. Sometimes, participating in a cholera clinical trial in Florida is as simple as agreeing to let our researchers have a copy of your test results, but most are more involved and even require some tests and a visit to our clinic. Participants are compensated for time and travel, and the study related care, including physical examinations, laboratory services and study medicines are all provided free of charge.

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Avail Clinical Research is currently conducting a wide array of clinical studies targeted towards certain conditions. You may be eligible to participate in one of our Florida cholera vaccine clinical trials and contribute to the development and approval of a new drug or treatment. As a participant, there is no cost to you at any point during the study and health insurance is not required. Browse our clinical trials being conducted now to find the study best suited for you.

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