Chronic Constipation

Toilet paper resting on the toilet bowlWith so many people affected by constipation, specialists have spent a lot of time researching the underlying causes of the condition. Nearly everyone will experience constipation at some point in their lives. Most cases are quite mild and resolve themselves after a few days. Clinical trials, like the ones we conduct here in DeLand, allow our staff to evaluate new treatments which could better aid people suffering from chronic cases of constipation.

For obvious reasons, constipation is not something that many people like to talk about. It is, however, something that many have experienced before. If you are someone who has routinely experienced the effects of constipation, you know firsthand just how painful and frustrating they can be. It gets even more important to take steps to prevent these complications the older we get.

Constipation Fast Facts

  • Bowel movement (BM’s) regularity varies widely, so it’s okay to go a day or two without one.
  • Going three days without a BM qualifies as being constipated.
  • Less than one BM in a week could mean there’s a more serious issue.
  • Chronic constipation is often caused by some more serious underlying complication.
  • Going on vacation can cause constipation.

Constipation means that bowel movements either aren’t happening or they’ve become less frequent. After a couple days, the stool becomes much harder to pass. You should know that not everyone needs to go every single day. For some its regular for them to only have a few BMs each week. The general rule is that three days shouldn’t pass between BMs.

Doctors often ask the following questions when their patients come in to see them:

  • Are you going less than three times a week?
  • Are your stools noticeably hard more than 25 percent of the time?
  • Do you find yourself straining during a BM more than 25 percent of the time?
  • Do you experience the sensation of an incomplete evacuation more than 25 percent of the time?

What Causes Constipation?

This is one of those questions that just aren’t easy to answer. In fact, its been the driving factor behind many clinical studies on constipation in general. The research has shown that the root cause in most cases is not a structural issue– it’s usually a bowel function problem. Modern constipation drugs are better at addressing the root cause, but these can range wildly from case to case. Essentially, there isn’t a single answer that will work for every person.

Some of the most common causes of constipation include:

  • Not getting enough water or fiber in the diet
  • Low levels of physical activity
  • Eating too many dairy products
  • High levels of stress
  • Travel or other disruptions in normal dieting routines
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Certain over-the-counter medicines for acid reflux (ones containing aluminum or calcium)
  • Prescription painkillers and some varieties of antidepressants
  • Resisting the urge to go (usually because of a hemorrhoid)
  • Over using laxatives– these have been shown to weaken the muscles of the bowels overtime
  • Pregnancy
  • Certain eating disorders
  • Depression
  • Underlying medical conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or Crohn’s disease
  • Could also be a symptom of colon cancer
  • Certain neurological illnesses such as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease

Some people could also develop fairly serious cases of constipation because of poor muscle and nerve function in their bowels. These issues are more difficult to identify, but they’re much more rare.

You should understand that participating in a clinical trial here in DeLand does not have to be a demanding experience. Participating in a constipation research study at Avail Clinical Research may only require granting our researchers access to copies of specific test results. Most will require a little more involvement than that.

Qualified participants can receive compensation for time and travel expenses, as well as for any other trial related care. The following are provided for all accepted applicants:

  • Physical examinations
  • Laboratory services
  • Study related medication

Simple Ways to Prevent & Relieve Constipation


Constipation Clinical Trials in DeLand, FL

Avail Clinical Research is currently conducting a wide array of clinical studies targeted towards certain conditions. You may be eligible to participate in one of our Florida constipation clinical trials and contribute to the development and approval of a new drug or treatment. As a participant, there is no cost to you at any point during the study and health insurance is not required. Browse our clinical trials being conducted now to find the study best suited for you.

If you live near Central Florida, click here to learn more about participating in a constipation clinical trial. Also, our sister site Achieve Clinical Research conducts constipation clinical trials in Birmingham, Alabama.


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