Healthy Studies

Doctor working with healthy studies participantsDo you know why we need healthy volunteers for clinical research studies here in DeLand? A lot of people may have the misconception that you need to have some form of medical condition in order to participate, but the reality is that a significant proportion of research and medical discovery depends on enrolling healthy volunteers.

You can still be eligible for one of our healthy study clinical trials here in DeLand, FL if you currently don’t have health insurance.

When we say “healthy volunteer”, this refers to clinical trial participant who does not have any serious health issues or complicating conditions. We specialize in conducting Phase I clinical trials here at Avail Clinical Research, so we are always looking to recruit healthy subjects. Early phase trials require volunteer groups that are free of pre-existing conditions.

Healthy volunteers have always played a much needed role in clinical research. These subjects grant Phase I teams the ability to define the limits of average toleration when it comes to testing a new form of medicine or medical device. The results obtained from healthy volunteers serve as a standard point of comparison for later-stage research studies.

Healthy participants help provide crucial insights when matched to patient groups by age, gender, or other specific characteristics (the only difference being the presence of a chronic medical condition). Clinical investigators are able to see the effects of the disease first-hand by the comparing the results of the two groups.

Weigh the Risks & Benefits

As a healthy volunteer in a clinical study, you should understand that there are risks that come with participation. However, there are also a number of unique benefits, including:

  • Help further medical knowledge of certain conditions
  • Receive focused care from an expert medical staff at no cost
  • Provide crucial insights in the development of new medications and therapies
  • Get paid for your participation
  • Leave with the knowledge that you may have helped someone suffering from a potentially life-threatening disease

There are certain risks that come from testing new avenues in medicine, and these should be weighed accordingly when it comes to evaluating this opportunity. We recommend sharing any concerns with your primary physician, as they may be able to help you decide if clinical trial participation is right for you.

Which Study Should I Choose?

If you are interested in becoming a healthy volunteer here at Avail Clinical Research, please visit either one of the trial pages (listed above) for more information. Also feel free to contact us with any further questions. Our clinical trials can vary when it comes to:

  • Age limit
  • Length of study period
  • Location (inpatient or outpatient)
  • Medical requirements
  • Trial procedures
  • Special requirements

If you’re unsure or have any concerns, one of our experienced staff members can help you identify the best enrollment opportunity based on your profile.

If you agree to take part in one of our healthy study clinical trials, we’ll then provide you with an informed consent document. This will help you understand your personal rights as a participant in a study while also providing further details about enrollment here at Avail Clinical Research. Make sure you don’t sign the document unless you understand it completely. Providing informed consent is not a binding contract and any participant reserves the right to discontinue the trial at any time.

If you live near Central Florida, click here to learn more about participating in a healthy studies clinical trial. Also, our sister site Achieve Clinical Research conducts healthy studies clinical trials in Birmingham, Alabama.

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