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3D image depicting viral hepatitis CCurrently, there are a number of hepatitis C clinical studies being conducted all over the United States and in other places around the globe. It is very important that we continue to support further clinical research into diseases like this one.  Unfortunately, today there is no comprehensive cure for hepatitis C, but researchers are learning more about this disease every year. With new studies come more effective medications and diagnostic tests, which can help find the disease at an earlier stage. Also, don’t forget to look up some of the national organizations (the Hepatitis C Association, Hepatitis Foundation, American Liver Foundation, etc.) which are working to provide more information to general public about the early symptoms of hepatitis C as well as available options for treatment.

It is important to remember that a diagnosis of hepatitis C does not automatically mean that a person needs treatment. For patients who have only very slight liver abnormalities, doctors often don’t prescribe any real course of treatment for them. Without significant abnormalities, these patients have a small risk of having liver problems in the future.

Currently, there are a few different treatments that are typically used with patients who have been diagnosed with hepatitis C. Most commonly, doctors will prescribe antiviral medication for the patient. A combination of these medications can be prescribed in the hopes that they will be able to clear the patient’s body of the virus. Typically, the patient will undergo a course of antiviral meds, after which the doctor will test their blood for the hepatitis C virus. Other courses of treatment will most likely be prescribed if the virus is still present in the blood. Patients should be advised that there can be some side effects from the antiviral medication. They have been linked to depression in some patients, and they can cause some flu-like symptoms.

Doctors may ask that their patients with hepatitis C also receive vaccinations for both hepatitis A and B. Both hepatitis A and B are separate viruses, but they all tend to attack the liver. If a patient with hepatitis C gets one of these other viruses, it can cause a lot of complications with their treatment.

In many cases patients who could benefit from investigational treatment often miss out on hepatitis C clinical studies because their doctor isn’t aware of a study in the area. In addition, there are some cases where patients feel they are going through so much they don’t need to be treated like a ‘guinea pig,’ and nothing could be further from the truth.

These hepatitis C clinical trials taking place in Florida are testing new treatment methods, which are being developed by pharmaceutical and biotechnical companies, and they are designed specifically to test the safety and efficacy of treatments for humans. By volunteering for our fully supervised hepatitis C clinical study, you may receive new investigational hepatitis C treatments that may help us all understand your condition.

Currently, medical researchers are looking to answer some new questions. What is the primary cause of liver cell death in hepatitis C? Is it being caused by the actual virus itself, or is an immune system response designed to rid the cells of the virus to blame? How are the current treatment methods and medications working to rid patients of the virus? These are questions that can be answered with further clinical research on hepatitis C at Avail.

The type of study being performed by Avail Clinical Research directly reflects your involvement. Sometimes, participating in a hep C clinical trial in Florida is as simple as agreeing to let our researchers have a copy of your test results, but most are more involved and would require some tests and a visit to our clinic. Participants are compensated for time and travel, and the study related care, including physical examinations, laboratory services and study medicines are all provided.

Hepatitis C Clinical Trials

Avail Clinical Research is currently conducting a wide array of clinical studies targeted towards certain conditions. Medical researchers hope to gain a better understanding of how this virus replicates and decimates a normal liver. Through this better understanding, they will be able to identify better methods of treatment for hepatitis C patients. You may be eligible to participate in one of our Florida hepatitis C clinical trials and contribute to the development and approval of a new drug or treatment. As a participant, there is no cost to you at any point during the study and health insurance is not required. Browse our clinical trials being conducted now to find the study best suited for you.

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If you live near Central Florida, click here to learn more about participating in a hepatitis C clinical trial. Also, our sister site Achieve Clinical Research conducts hepatitis C clinical trials in Birmingham, Alabama.



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