Meningitis Vaccination

3D image of bacterial meningitisMeningococcal (men-in-juh-coc-cal) disease, more commonly known as Meningitis (men-in-jai-tis), is a serious illness that causes the tissues surrounding the brain and spinal cord to become swollen or inflamed. The disease is caused by a certain type of bacteria that makes the infected person feel ill and can have some serious side effects, including long-term health problems and even death. Medical research over the last 30 years has determined young people (11-25) are at the highest risk of infection and while there are vaccinations for some strains, meningococcal disease type B (MnB) has no preventative vaccine. If you or someone you know 11 to 25 years has not been vaccinated for Meningitis, please fill out the form or call us using the number above.

(For more information, please see: Meningitis Signs & Symptoms, Meningitis Management & Treatments, and Meningitis Tests & Diagnosis)

By taking part in this study, you  will be placed into one of two groups and visit the trail site up to 5 times. The first group will receive the investigational MnB vaccine via an injection while the second group will receive a Hepatitis A vaccine plus a placebo (a pill or injection that does not contain any medicine). A small number of patients within each group will be chosen at random to provide additional info on the way the body is reacting to the vaccine, and will give 3 additional blood samples beyond the normal study procedures.

Meningococcal/ Meningitis vaccines are relatively new (check out some basic meningitis history here) and many parents are unaware of the threat this disease poses to children if left untreated.  In some cases where the disease was fatal, parents became aware of the preventative measures they could have taken after it was too late.

Read more about the history of meningitis among young people and current preventive measures on the Achieve Clinical blog:

Taking part in this Florida meningitis clinical study allows you to be on the front lines in the fight against a common enemy of all.  Meningitis threatens each of us equally, and can strike without warning. Taking part in the Memento 014 clinical trial in Florida is a way to provide valuable research whose impact could be crucial to saving the lives of future generations and providing medical experts with the key to eliminating this silent threat.

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If you live near Central Florida, click here to learn more about participating in a meningitis vaccine clinical trial.

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