Patient Recruiting Expertise

Investigator enrolling volunteer in a clinical trialAvail Clinical Research has the necessary patient recruiting expertise to enroll clinical trial volunteers on a continual basis. One of our key strengths happens to be our ability to recruit and enroll qualified subjects rapidly and efficiently. Surrounded by colleges and retirement communities, Avail’s location is demographically diverse and conveniently accessible to volunteers, allowing us to hit enrollment goals for many indications.

On-Site Recruiting Call Center

Recruitment is where many clinical research facilities fall short, this is something we considered carefully when establishing our location in DeLand, FL. Our on-site recruiting call center has given us a significant advantage when it comes to contacting and retaining qualified participants. We have a bilingual, multi-talented staff that’s responsible for making that crucial introduction to our recently upgraded facility.

We maintain an extensive database of over 50,000 prospective and past patients, which includes healthy volunteers and special patient populations. With innovative media marketing efforts complementing our 9 full-time study recruiters, we are consistently able to meet and exceed enrollment goals.

Leveraging Our Marketing Staff

We understand that creating optimized marketing material that is specific to a trial gives us an immense advantage. For years, our dedicated marketing team has made use of their combined talents and our robust patient database to build that connection with potential participants. Over the last few years, we’ve also been able to effectively leverage online recruitment efforts through our gorgeous website and social media.

In addition to our recruiting call center team, Avail has a dedicated Recruiting Services Manager and a dedicated Marketing Manager that creates an abundance of oversight on recruitment for each trial and enables Avail to develop precise marketing to drive results.

(Our marketing team is complemented by an outside marketing agency, professional designers and numerous media vendors to provide a creative, professional solution.)

Recruiting Expertise for In-Hospital Trials

Given our facility’s close proximity to Florida Hospital DeLand, we’ve conducted our fair share of in-hospital trials since 1998. Recruiting for these types of trials is challenging and provides many different demands compared to recruiting for outpatient studies. Utilizing its vast network of physicians, hospitals, outpatient surgical centers and local patient groups, we have developed a highly efficient recruitment model for screening and enrolling quality patients for a variety of inpatient indications. Avail has successfully used this model to become the leading enrollment site for many global surgical trials.

Boasting a rich history with its proximity to the St. Johns River and a picturesque downtown reminiscent of a Norman Rockwell painting, DeLand is one of the fastest growing areas of Central Florida. Known for its diverse demographics, the population includes the students of Stetson University, a rapidly expanding group of active retirees and a wide range of white collar and blue collar professionals. In addition, DeLand’s close proximity to several major metropolitan regions provides access to a large patient population which is inquisitive about and receptive to research.

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