Rapid Start-Up

At Avail, our proficient submission techniques allow us to gain approval and initiate studies within a few days of receiving final protocol. Avail has extensive experience in rapid start-ups across numerous indications and sponsors. Our unique tracking system ensures that we maintain an accurate chain of custody for critical documents as well as investigational substances.

Avail has the ability to swiftly launch trials with our competencies in many different areas. We have dedicated resources to expedite regulatory approvals with Institutional Review Boards. For rapid start-up trials, Avail has streamlined protocol implementation as well as training with coordinators and principal investigators.

Further expediting trials start-ups is our advanced ability to immediately market to our well-maintained databases in the local area for patient recruiting. We attract a diverse local population for targeted marketing including local colleges and universities and a large elderly population. Avail maintains a convenient location for patient commuting/travel, facilitating the volunteers’ and patients’ participation in clinical trials.

Avail’s rapid start-up trials are well coordinated with a focused sub-team dedicated to effective and fast implementation in a quality manner.

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