5 Foods that Cause High Cholesterol

Fried foods have a lot of saturated fat If someone told you that you’re favorite fried foods were really high in fat and sodium, would you be surprised? How bout if they told you these are high in cholesterol? Odds are that cholesterol is not the first thing you think about when it comes to the foods you eat, but maybe it should be.

High cholesterol clinical studies have shown how the human body is capable of producing nearly all the cholesterol it ever really needs on its own. Thus, a diet that is high in cholesterol could be putting you at greater risk for heart disease and other health complications down the road. In this post, we wanted to share 5 types of food that pack a serious heart stopping punch when it comes to cholesterol levels.


Any nutritionist can tell you that egg yolk contains more cholesterol than any other single food item (yikes!), but it’s still a staple in many of our breakfasts. What gives? Well, current research has given some health experts reason to re-evaluate their stance on eggs and high cholesterol.

If you do want to cut down on your cholesterol intake in the morning (or whenever), try filtering out the yolk after cracking open the eggs. Eggs can play an important role in a heart-healthy diet, so there’s no reason to cut them out of your life. Also keep in mind that you may want to limit other foods that are high in cholesterol if you eat eggs regularly.

Fast Food Favorites

Fast food chains have conquered much of the known world. Nowadays, you might find yourself struggling to communicate with someone in a small town somewhere abroad, but turn the corner and there’s a Mcdonalds. With it’s overall convenience and cheap prices, it’s no surprise that fast food has become a global phenomenon.

Unfortunately, there are many people who make it a habit and eat fast food way too often. To put it in perspective, one classic double from Wendy’s has about 200 mg of cholesterol. If you have your heart set on getting a burger at your favorite fast food joint tonight, then you may want to think about picking a healthier side option if available.

Red Meat

This is another tough one to avoid, since there are many people who are big fans of steak out there. This juicy dinner favorite also happens to contain a lot of saturated fat and plenty of cholesterol. In fact, most nutritionists now strongly advise against eating red meat regularly, and it has recently been linked with a higher risk for diabetes.

Let’s look at the situation in a different way. If you were to eat a single four-ounce steak (that’s smaller than what many restaurants regularly serve), then you would have already hit the recommended daily limit for cholesterol and saturated fat. So if you are worried about your cholesterol, then there are a number of learner cuts that could serve as viable replacements for red meat.


It may not be the most popular food on this list, but there are still lots of people that enjoy liver every now and then (it’s a good source of iron). However, the liver is the organ which produces cholesterol for the body, and consequently it’s got plenty left after it has been cooked.

In general, most organ meats have a lot of cholesterol, which is why nutritionists will advise against their regular consumption. If you have been diagnosed with high cholesterol, this might be a type of food you need to avoid all together.


Last but certainly not least, we must include cheese on our list of top 5 high cholesterol foods. As a country, we are definitely fond of our cheese, but too much of a good thing can definitely be unhealthy. If you are living with high cholesterol, then you should work with a nutritionist to eliminate cheese from your diet where possible.

Now, please don’t get the wrong impression of cheese from this post. It is a tasty food item that comes in a wide variety of flavors, and it is a good source of calcium. If you are looking to lower your cholesterol though, then the cheese is going to have to go.

If you have high cholesterol or a family history of this medical condition, then these 5 foods could spell a lot of trouble for you as staples in your diet. Making such significant changes to one’s diet can be very difficult, so be sure to include your doctor and even a nutritionist during this process.



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