Why Teens Start Smoking

Smoking is a hazardous practice that causes irrevocable damage to one’s lungs, in addition to bad breath
and yellow teeth. For this reason, many individuals find themselves wondering what causes teenagers
to start smoking in the first place. As reported by the World Health Organization, over 80,000 children
across the world start smoking every day (1). The American Lung Association reports that 80 percent
of adult smokers started as teenagers (2). For teenage smoking cessation to take place, it is important to
analyze the factors that lead to teen smoking.

Oftentimes, teenagers start smoking because they see their parents smoking. Teenage smoking cessation
in these cases would best be served if the teenagers saw their parents quit the habit.

Alberta Health Services reports that teenagers often start smoking because of peer pressure (3). If a
teenager wants to fit into a group of smokers, they will start smoking too.

Other teens start smoking because the danger involved with this practice makes them feel special. By
smoking, they feel like they are rebelling against their parents and other authority figures.

Whatever the cause, teenage smoking cessation is critical in safeguarding the health of our youth.


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